CFUW 100th Anniversary - 2019


2019 is an exciting time for CFUW as we celebrate our first centennial.

During 2019, we will have the unique opportunity to tell our stories and to showcase the impact of CFUW in our accomplishments at the local, provincial, national and international levels. During 2019, CFUW is setting the stage for vibrant growth over the next century in its work on women’s rights, education and social justice.

The slogan for the Anniversary is: 100 Years of CFUW – The Power of Women Working Together.

In addition to the Annual General Meeting to be held in Winnipeg in August at the same hotel as the founding meeting, there will be the Notable Women Awards, the Sage Awards, the unveiling of a CFUW plaque by the Government of Canada, the additional $100,000 to be given out for the 100th Anniversary Scholarships, the 100th Anniversary Membership Campaign; the advocacy initiative for 2019 on Grandparents for Childcare; the publication of the CFUW History book; a contest to name the title of the history book and a draw for two beautiful blue enamel pins that were created in 1924 for the third IFUW International Conference in Christiania (now Oslo), Norway, held Monday July 28 to Friday Aug 1, 1924.

Notable Women Awards


The Awards will be given out at the AGM Banquet on August 16, 2019. Be sure to be there to learn who has received an Award!!

History Plaque

Parks Canada Agency, Government of Canada, will erect a plaque acknowledging the 100th Anniversary of CFUW.  The exact location of the plaque will be announced later.

100th Anniversary Scholarship Project

To celebrate CFUW’s support of women’s studies since 1919, Clubs, Councils and members have been invited to award, at both the local and national level, an additional $100,000 in scholarships and awards during the anniversary year

History Projects

Biographies of Past Presidents

As part of the CFUW 100th Anniversary, histories of all CFUW Past Presidents have been prepared and are available on the Member Resource website. The biography of Dr. Margaret (Stovel) McWilliams, who was the first president of CFUW was released at the 2015 AGM in Quebec City and is found here For a list of past presidents, please click here

History of CFUW Book

Dr. Dianne Dodd, a historian, has been hired to prepare a history of the 100 years of CFUW and a record of its efforts in advancing equality for women and girls. While pieces of the CFUW history have been done, there are gaps and no comprehensive history exists. The publication will be available in 2019.

SAGE Awards

As part of the 100th Anniversary celebrations, CFUW is excited to introduce the SAGE Awards which will be awarded by each club to the current member who has the longest period of CFUW membership. This is a way to recognize and celebrate the commitment and dedication of members who have been championing the CFUW’s mission for decades. These women will be honoured with a silver pin and certificate from the National Office to be given out by the individual participating Clubs.

To calculate a member’s length of service with CFUW, the length of time she has been a member of her current home club and any other clubs in which she has been a member are added together. Periods of dual membership are counted once only. The recipient must be a current member. The membership time does not have to be continuous i.e., there may be years when she was not a member those years are not included in the calculation of total years.

The SAGE Award winners will be announced at the 100th Anniversary celebrations at the AGM to be held in Winnipeg, August 15-17. It is hoped that clubs will incorporate a presentation of this Award into their fall programming to celebrate CFUW’s anniversary.

Please send the name of the recipient, her number of years of membership, your Club’s name, plus the address for the delivery of the certificate and the silver pin to Teri Shaw, SAGE Awards,, with a copy to the National office and your Regional Vice President no later than May 1, 2019. Preferably, the address for delivery would be that of the President or the person presenting the pin and the certificate. Please make sure that the information sent is very clear and that all the spelling is correct.

Name the CFUW History Book Contest

Historian Dianne Dodd expects to have a draft of her book on the history of CFUW ready by late spring and the publisher, Second Story Press, has agreed to consider our suggestions for the title. If Second Story Press selects your suggested title, CFUW will award a prize to the winner. The book describes the foundation of CFUW from the early University Women’s Clubs formed in the 1900s by educational pioneers — women who had fought for the privilege of attending university — to the modern-day Clubs. Placing the organization and its members in the context of Canadian social history, the book highlights advocacy for suffrage and social reforms in the pre-First World War period, consolidation of the organization in the interwar years, valiantly defending women’s right to work in the Depression when such rights came under attack.

While enjoying the fellowship of likeminded women, contributing to their communities through cultural, educational and library initiatives, particularly a growing scholarship program, CFUW always stood up for women’s right to make full use of their education in society, and to be recognized for their work in the home and community as volunteers. During both wars, they contributed to the war efforts with both traditional war work, and helping university women refugees. They helped lay the groundwork for a re-invigorated women’s movement by campaigning for the Royal Commission on the Status of Women in 1967. Not always in full accord with the new ‘women’s libbers,’ they nonetheless continued their longstanding advocacy work for women, establishing a roster to promote women to commissions and boards, and in the 1980s contributed to constitutional debates. The work of Past Presidents with the national and international organization builds on the Past President’s biographies and draws on CFUW’s archival materials. Any member may submit a suggestion (or more than one).

The title suggestions will be reviewed by the History Advisory Committee and the ten best ones will be forwarded to the publisher. Please send your suggestions with your name and email address to Robin Jackson at by February 15, 2019. Please mark the subject of the email “Name CFUW History Book Contest”.

Draw for IFUW Pins


In honour of CFUW’s 100th Anniversary, we are pleased to present members with an extraordinary opportunity to own a unique piece of history. Our CFUW VP Finance, Dominique Racanelli, on her much loved antique explorations, discovered two beautiful blue enamel pins that were created in 1924 for the third IFUW International Conference in Christiania (now Oslo), Norway, held Monday July 28 to Friday Aug 1, 1924.

These two pins are being made available to the membership through a draw. For a contribution (minimum $10) in the 100th Year of both CFUW & GWI, you will get two chances to own one of these lovely pins. Please contact your Club executives to give them your contribution to be eligible to win.

Good luck to all!

Grandparents for Child Care - 100th Anniversary Advocacy Campaign


CFUW has launched our new Grandparents for Childcare campaign in honour of CFUW’s 100th Anniversary. This is a joint initiative with Child Care Now and is supported by grandparents invested in the well-being of their children and grandchildren. We advocate for publicly funded child care that is high quality, accessible, affordable and inclusive across Canada.

Get involved in Grandparents for Childcare by signing up for our newsletter on the new website Please help support the campaign by submitting a testimony by April 30, 2019 on the website describing your own personal experience. Have you witnessed your child’s dire search for licensed childcare? Have you been lending a helping hand to provide care for your grandchild because of expensive child care fees? Or, have you just simply seen too many years go by without governments delivering on affordable, accessible and high quality childcare across the country? We invite you to share your testimonies, and help raise awareness on the impacts the child care crisis has on Canadians! Help tell us why Universal Child Care is so important!

100th Anniversary Resources

100th Anniversary Toolkit

The 100th Anniversary Toolkit contains messaging for the celebration, branding, press release templates, tips for outreach and community engagement, and information on the Sage Awards. Click here to access it.

100th Anniversary Membership Campaign Toolkit

The 100th Anniversary Membership Campaign Toolkit contains key messaging for the campaign; tips on recruiting and retaining members, branding, marketing, suggested target markets, E-clubs and resources. Click here to access it.

Membership Report

The CFUW Membership Committee undertook extensive work in speaking with CFUW clubs across the country about recruitment and retention. Their report includes what strategies have worked; what success looks like; why members stay; steps taken by some clubs in targeting soon-to-be retired and retired women and other tips.Click here to access it.