I am a grandmother who resides in Ingleside, ON. I have one daughter and a granddaughter.

I have provided childcare as a result of daycare closure due to health outbreaks. Also, because of daycare operational hours of services.

I provide childcare regularly twice a month. In my case childcare is a struggle if my services are needed during work hours, geographic distance (I reside near Cornwall and my daughter and her family reside in Ottawa), when my granddaughter is ill or my backup sitter is not available. At that time, I am unable to attend work or if I can work at home it is difficult while having to attend to the child. Not as easy as usual to leave your residence due to child eating and/or sleeping schedules. If it’s a last-minute request, I need to reschedule appointments and workdays. In certain circumstances if the grandparent babysits then they do not get paid by the employer (less income that week).

The federal/provincial governments could improve childcare by:

  • No wait-list (at the moment wait list can go up to 2 years)
  • Make it more affordable – very expensive
  • Including more workplaces that offer daycare/babysitters on site.
  • Offer transportation services that coincide with daycare hours.
  • More daycares with extended hours.
  • Offering grandparents' day off with pay (Leave of absence or personal leave)