Natalie MacDonald

I am a grandmother who resides in Ingleside, ON. I have one daughter and a granddaughter.

I have provided childcare as a result of daycare closure due to health outbreaks. Also, because of daycare operational hours of services.

Joan Byrne

As a young single mother many years ago, my need for dependable, reliable child care was desperate. It was not available. My children and I struggled with catch-as-catch-can solutions throughout their early years.  We managed but it is not a situation that should still exist.  Now in my senior years, the very limited child care spaces in my community continues to plague any mother who needs or wants to work outside the home.  Our wonderful wealthy country needs to give its collective head a shake.

Universal child care benefits everyone.  It is long overdue in Canada.

Mary H.

Forty years ago, after a divorce, I was raising my young daughter alone in Toronto. Although I was lucky to have a good education and a steady job, I struggled to make ends meet on my modest salary. And increasingly, I struggled to pay for unsatisfactory home daycare that provided very little stimulation for my toddler. Despite the fact that I knew a quality daycare centre with qualified staff would be expensive, I was worried about her development and safety in the situation she was in; so I decided I'd just have to manage my budget somehow, and I set out to find a better solution.