We are grandparents invested in the well-being of our children and our grandchildren and who advocate for a publicly funded child care that is high quality, accessible, affordable, flexible and inclusive across Canada. We advocate for Universal Child Care.

We strongly believe that education is a public responsibility and a social investment that must start in the earliest years of children’s lives. We recognize the intergenerational impact the gender pay gap has on women and its link to decades of inaccessible and unaffordable child care services. We believe that grandparents should not have to provide care to their grandchild because they HAVE to, but because they CHOOSE to.

We support Universal Child Care as an essential public policy to fulfill children’s rights and gender equality as well as to generate economic growth that is beneficial to all Canadians.


We want sound federal policy framework, substantial financial commitments to licensed child care, and strong leadership on the issue.

With the 2019 Federal election on the horizon, we must ensure Universal Child Care is on the radar of the electoral candidates. We must make it a priority for the next federal government!

Grandaughter chatting with grandmother